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Established in 1974, US. Apparel has achieved its goal of becoming a truly vertically integrated manufacturing facility. From cotton to finished garment, U.S Apparel is the complete solution for all your garment needs. We produce everything from fiber to the most elaborate hand crafted fashion garments in denim, stretch and flats. In addition to quality fabrics and apparel, we provide customers a perfect service package. Today we produce over 18 million garments a year for major brands and retailers across Europe and North America, which is expected to increase to 24 million garments a year by 2012 and 29 million garments by 2014, Insha-Allah. Our greige and Denim fabric production exceeds 30 million meters per year which is expected to go up to 45 million meters by 2012 and 60 million meters by 2014, Insha-Allah.

Conveniently situated on the outskirts of Lahore, U.S Group's production facilities are situated on a hundred acres of land containing over 1.4 million square feet of constructed space. As part of our social responsibility we believe in enacting those polices which work towards the benefit of our employees and towards the betterment of the environment.

Apparel Manufacturing:

U.S Apparel & Textile (pvt) Ltd.
Most modern denim clothing unit.
U.S Denim Clothing
Apparel manufacturing for export.

Denim Manufacturing

U.S Denim Mills
State of the art facility for producing high end denim fabric.

Weaving Unit:

Fabric Weaving for Export


Leeds Plaza
Lahore Center
Commercial & Residential real estate development

Textile Trading:

U.S Emporio
US Denim Clothing

Mian M.Ahsan C.E.O Message:

Punjab, “the land of five rivers” as it is referred to in the local language, is home to one of the finest cotton crops in the world the region prides itself with one of the largest concentration of the textile related production facilities. On the north eastern frontier of the Punjab lies its prowling capital, Lahore. It is considered to be one of the oldest living cities in the world today.

A onetime capital of the great Mughal Empire, this dynamic city is vibrant mix of old and the new bringing together centuries of cultural legacy, Lahore has adapted itself to modern times. The historical and spiritual past guides and rapid urban and industrial development in its environs. This ancient trading city has recreated itself as a modern industrial town with some of the most technologically advanced textile manufacturing facilities. Abundant cotton, a profusion of tcompetitvely priced skilled labor and sound.

Javed. A. Bhatti Chairman Message:

With every passing year of almost two decades of existence, US apparel has recorded growth this dynamic company has redefined its segment of industry and created new standards of excellence.
After the inception of the company in 1974, now the two founding directors have taken the back seat and trusted ALLAH to help an operational team consisting of experienced members to steer and guide US apparel to new horizons. The founding Directors have committed themselves to charitable and welfare projects like school, technical education and hospitals for the needy segment of the country not only with funds but with personal involvement also.
The sheer hard work dedication and help form the almighty has brought the company to its present enviable position. The pioneering spirit lives on as the company moves.


The leadership abilities and the courage to excel in the face fierce competition are prime strengths that new generation has found as a heritage.
With a modern approach and an eye on global perspective, this young talent is steering this garment manufacturing mammoth to new destinations and exploring new ways to stay ahead in the field of textile. Strong co-ordination and teamwork has made major breakthroughs possible with many high profile new customers a vision for tomorrow and a belief in continuous struggle is what make the difference.